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Domain Names and Hosting


Grab that perfect domain name and then get you website hosted by the best.


If you’re new to the Internet or you want to start a new online business, the first thing you’ll need to do is get a .com or domain name. Domain names become your unique “address” on the web and places like GoDaddy and even Cheapnames.com offer them for about $9 per year.


But why spend a penny on a domain name if you don’t have to? Keep reading and learn how WP Engine will deliver you a FREE domain name with the purchase of a hosting account (which you’ll need anyway).


A hosting account is no more than a computer server that houses your website files and serves them up on demand whenever someone visits your site.


Now there a LOT of options when it comes to choosing the perfect hosting company to serve up your awesome new website, but trust me, they are not all created equal! We’ve used just about all of them and although many of them spend tons of money on marketing, we LOVE WP Engine and for a limited time, they even give you 2 Free months and your domain name for FREE.


The most important factors are that the server stays online 24/7, serving your pages to the world, and then when things go awry (which happens) your hosting company’s customer service team is there to assist you, also 24/7.


So go ahead and get started. Grab a great domain name and hosting account and let’s build you an awesome website.