hires Sticky Brain for Website Overhaul

barbaro-roses-blanket hires Sticky Brain for Website Overhaul

In 1947, the Dempsey Family and a group of friends had a dream of going to the Kentucky Derby. In the ensuing years, the family had shared that dream with thousands of Kentucky Derby racing fans. Many came to the Derby as casual fans, others as horse owners, but all who have participated in the Kentucky Derby Tours have been changed by the experience. You don’t just “see” the Derby, you become a part of it, catching the euphoria that Kentuckians dub “Derby Fever”.

Jane Dempsey now runs and learned about Sticky Brain from a young relative who heard Don Bassler speak at the USC Marshall School of Business. Every year, Don is asked to come into the Entrepreneurial Studies classes to teach website design techniques and search engine optimization tricks.

Don’s first course of action was to take down the existing stagnant site and overhaul it 100% in WordPress. The new site includes almost all the popular features of a web 3.0 website, jQuery sliders, javascript menus, plugins, and various widgets. The site is fully compatible with all IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

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