Nurture Your Existing Customers or Die Broke

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Nurture Your Existing Customers or Die Broke

You may have read that headline and thought, “Wow, that’s pretty brutal” but you know what? It’s 100% true!

I recently posted this information in a Private Facebook Group and felt compelled to share it with my visitors here. Read the entire Post to learn about profitable Customer Nurturing and ClickFunnels

You see, traffic ain’t cheap and if you’re like me, your not only spending countless hours building out costly targeted audiences on the Facebook Ads platform, but once you receive that cherished sale, most people just keep on doing the same thing over and over. They focus on bringing in new costumers (which is mandatory – TRAFFIC is the lifeblood of any online business), but they do so at the expense of that uber-expensive customer they just sold to! Think about it…it’s WAY less expensive to nurture an existing customer and get them to spend again and again than it is to find a NEW customer.

So for starters, you’re going to need a commercial email broadcasting service. Sure you can email folks directly from your computer’s native mail app, but as soon as you start sending too many, your internet service provider is going to shut you down…even though your tribe enjoys hearing from you. Additionally, email broadcasting companies (called Autoresponders) allow you to create multiple messages and send them out on your desired schedule. So you just load in a week’s, month’s year’s worth of messages and then those messages get “drip-fed” out per your set schedule. It’s a real game changer as you get to stay in touch with your tribe. This is ESSENTIAL in getting them to know, like and TRUST you going forward.

Here’s how I follow up with my customers once I’ve made that first beloved sale with them. NOTE: I mail once a week, but many successful marketers mail every day!

  1. Make sure that the Thank You email that they receive upon order completion is folksy and personable. Depending on your niche, use common jargon and just let them know how much you appreciate their trust in your business. I add a sentence at the end of my Thank You email that says: “Oh, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I find cool, useful  news and/or videos that might interest you in the future” or “I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any helpful news or videos I find…” You get the picture. I set expectations that they’re going to hear from me again.
  2. My next email goes out to my clients AFTER they’ve received their item(s). This is tricky for us dropshippers as delivery times can be lengthy. But my advice is this…if your vendor takes longer to deliver than YOU would want, get a new vendor. My vendors usually get orders to my customers within 2 1/2 weeks, so that’s when I schedule my next email send. Sometimes this 2nd email hits my customers IN box before they receive their order, but unless the customer calls me out on it, I just let it go. If they do reply asking where the heck their item is, I let them know they’ll have it any day now as I know this to be true.The contents of this 2nd email is NEVER pitching anything and ALWAYS something that will be truly informative or helpful to the customer. This again depends on your niche, but suppose mine is related to Mountain Biking, I’d send a link to an article about How to Prevent Poison Oak Rashes From Setting In After Contact or perhaps even a link to a YouTube video about the subject. It has to be something helpful and useful to your niche.
  3. I set this email up in my Autoresponder to go out 1 week after the 2nd one has been delivered. This email is once again helpful content. Either a link to an interesting blog post or a video. Remember, this content doesn’t have to be your own! You’re just letting them know you’re sharing cool stuff with them because, well, you’re cool and you care.
  4. One week later…I give them a link to a PDF that I create and I let them know that it’s their’s for free download. I simply create a Top 10 List. Make this niche-specific. For my Mountain Biking business, I’d create a list of the TOP 10 Gear Finds for 2017. Just Google for this and you can even copy whatever you find! It’s simple and helpful.
  5. By the 5th email, my tribe has heard from me enough now that they grown used to hearing from me. If they haven’t unsubscribed yet (yes, this happens…don’t take it personal), you’ve likely got a long-term customer. Now is the time to offer them something really cool (for sale) and get them into a FUNNEL! What’s a funnel, you ask? It’s the greatest concept ever to hit internet marketers and something you need to deploy NOW! Read on and I’ll soon tell you how I 5X’d my Facebook Ads ROI with a SIMPLE to build funnel….Here’s how it works: In your email, you send your customer to a link with an impossible to resist offer. When they buy, they get offered an upsell product. Make this product pricier than the first item you offered, if they take it, get them to the checkout and Thank You page. If they don’t take it, they get directed to another page offering a less expensive option. Believe it or not, these funnels WORK and you have to try them for your business.

Are you still with me? Good, here’s how I 5x’d my Facebook Ads sales….

In my Private Facebook Group, we were taught to create a Facebook Post on our business page and then drive paid traffic to a specific product page. That page has various scarcity, urgency and trust features present, but more often than not, the visitor doesn’t purchase. What’s even more frustrating is that many fellow members share that a LOT of people put the item in their cart and then abandon the cart! What the heck happened? Once minute the visitor was hot on the product and then in the next moment, they headed for the hills, perhaps never to return again : |

So I decided, what the heck? I’m going to run a test…

Instead of sending an expensive Facebook Ad clicker to my product page where I capture NOTHING unless I make the sale, why not send them to a “Squeeze” page where I capture their email address before sending them the cool thing I offered them in the FB AD? I have found that this works especially well for “FREE just pay shipping” offers, but it also works well for physical products as well. Even if they bail during the full funnel (most don’t), I’ve captured an email address and can re-touch them to see why they got cold feet. So it goes like this….Facebook Ad gets clicked and visitor goes to my funnel Squeeze page. I ask for their email address before I give them the thing they’re after. Then they get taken to a page that offers them something pricier. A percentage of folks go for it. If they say NO, they get directed to a page that then offers them something less expensive. Many will take THIS offer. If not, you still get to close the sale on the original free plus shipping offer and you have their email address.

I’m telling you, it works like magic!

Funnels are really nothing new. I’ve spent HOURS….DAYS……manually building out sales funnels in the past and let me just tell you, they are a pain in the ass to create, test and troubleshoot. There’s just SO many different things that have to be connected properly. Landing pages, email responders, thank you pages, etc.

But Not Any More! Enter ClickFunnels….

There’s this brilliant internet marketer who I’ve followed for a long time whose name is Russell Brunson. Although he is brilliant, he annoyed me for whatever reason and I stopped following him until I recently saw The Profit’s millionaire business turnaround guru, Marcus Lemonis show up at Russell’s office asking for help with a sales funnel. Marcus is a King Midas and it’s proof to  how powerful these things are!

Rather than me taking more time to explain the funnel and it’s value to you, just use my referral link here and I see for yourself how awesome these things are. ClickFunnels offers a free 14-day trial and you can do as I did. Use those 14 days to choose a funnel for yourself (these things are PRE-BUILT….ready to use!! You just add your customized text and images and such) and if it doesn’t work, just cancel.

Hit me up with any questions. I’d be happy to help you achieve!