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Website Design

Trust your business to a website design company that's been coding since the Internet was born. Our head coder, Don Bassler has been building websites since 1996 which makes him a true pioneer in the industry. Don either personally builds or directly manages websites for all our clients.

We build all websites on the Wordpress platform, the same platform that CNN, Fox News, Ebay, Katy Perry and many other large-scale websites choose. Contact us today and let us build you the website you've always wanted or even re-build the one you had made years ago.

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Social Media Marketing

Imagine how successful your business could be if you could magically show your product directly to your ideal prospect. Social media marketing allows you to locate that perfect customer easily and join in on the conversation that's already going on in their head.

Allow us to help you bring a flood of high quality traffic to your business and convert those customers into rabid, repeat customers who like and trust you and recommend you to their friends. That's the nature of viral social marketing.

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SEO & Reputation Management

It's one thing to get your website up on the internet and quite another thing to get it ranking high in the search engine results pages. If your website doesn't at least make the first page, well then your site is no better off than an un-lit billboard at night. Nobody's ever going to see it!

And if you're embarrassed by the results Google puts up when you search for your own name or business, then you need a good reputation management company like Sticky Brain. It's all SEO (search engine optimization), but different tactics need to be employed.

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Domain Names & Hosting

Before your website can be built, you need to start out by purchasing your .com, your domain name. Your domain name is the www.yournamehere.com part of your website and ultimately serves as your address on the web.

Then you'll need to pay a hosting company to serve your pages, 24/7 to the world. Reliability and customer support are important as not all hosting companies are created equal. Far from it. But don't worry. We've found the absolute best in the business and they'll even give you your domain name for free! Sorry GoDaddy.

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Video Tutorials

Want to learn how to make a website? Follow Don Bassler as he starts from scratch. Learn how to buy a domain name, get a hosting account and install Wordpress. Watch over Don's shoulder as he demonstrates step-by-step

how to build a website that he normally charges $3,000 to make for a client. Other videos to watch here include Don teaching various internet marketing classes at the USC Marshall School of Business Entrepreneur Program.

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